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Your Inner Light Therapy

with Parvin Saberi-Shakib, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Individual and couples therapy in California


Often, the challenges that hinder our mental health dim or cloud our inner light, which I believe is the strength that each person possesses and the resiliency of the mind and spirit. My vision at Your Inner Light Therapy is to not only help you discover and reconnect with your inner light, but to harness it so that you are able to lead the best version of your life possible. You are capable of and deserve to be your most authentic, whole, and mentally well self that is powerful beyond measure. I do not believe that a person struggling with their mental health needs "fixing" or is broken in any way, but rather needs warmth and acceptance that starts from within.  

I've helped many clients enact the changes they want in their lives such as engaging with thoughts and behaviors in more helpful ways, processing and overcoming trauma, building more connected relationships, and learning to manage and cope with stress, anxiety and depression. It’s your turn to experience the joy and fulfillment you're seeking and deserve.


All sessions are online. 

Call to set up a free 15 minute consultation:
(323) 393-0553

Abstract Lights

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you."
- Rumi

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